ATW// 0004

to conquer the light rail

 The moment between, beyond the present, yet anticipating the aft. Obsessed with the next, the moments beyond, a longing for.. Eschew the digital extensions whose representations are counterfeit to what is seen/heard/smelt/felt as the liminal moments present now, next and indefinite. To capture these momentary flourishes, where time pauses to consider, to ponder, Along The Way.

In service my my fellow man/woman/child/person who refrains to identify/conform, I speak to a semi dystopian future dominated by climate control measures in response to our current day inability or unwillingness to act. I imagine this time to be one of social divide centred on class/social divides and their associated monetary inclinations. That is to say, the rich will be whisked from whim to whim in elevated and secured private land yachts. The most eclectic of them might even maintain a driver of ethnic origins in ode and return to a period of subjugation and dehumanised objectification.  

To this one percent amongst us, I tip my hat. Perhaps your circumstances bequeathed you to prosperity. Maybe the system tacked towards you or you pivoted to it, in order to take every advantage. In either case, yours is yours to do as you will, morale or imm. Your paths are clear, your direction secured. A time of mass transit-ion is a foreign notion.

For those who remain, those of the midday sunshine that is the ‘middle’, be sure that our time in the sun will end as surely as the sun sets. For the lowely of us, time will continue to pass you by and ignore your plight, for lack of voice [money = power = voice]. To give you the falsest of hopes, your numbers will swell as the the %2 contracts to %1 and the middle abandons those on its fringe to become of your number. 

In the present, in this time, for this moment, there was a fatality at Burwood.