MKE// 0002

Of Least Resistance

In the liminal space between, at the point of compression, where a decisive decision is to be made, all fluids take the path of least resistance. 

Influenced by the unseen movement of wind, as visualised by the mechanical silhouette of a fighter jet or perhaps more elegantly echoed by the sinuous vector of a soaring falcon. This project formalises the tendency of movement deviation from the tiered staircase to the gently sloped ramp in a diagonal manner. This motive is enforced by long, slender, aerofoil blades which elongate in response to the horizontal inferences of the Seymour Centre.


This is a tiered thoroughfare that tracks a curved metallic wall to one side and an imposing vertical concrete mass to the other. They diverge and contrast in geometric form, yet are united by their monolithic detachment.  The height of these building cast long shadows, combined with the narrowness of the corridor to create dark cold spaces. The hard surfaces and narrowing width create a conical concentration of air at the midpoint  or pinch point of the site, just after the staircase. Influenced heavily by the dynamics of fluids and its manipulation, this pinch point is the most ideal location for this work.  

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Inspired by the wings of soaring birds and raucous jets. Their tapered shape evokes speed and movement that is direct and guided, yet turbulent in its wake. The inferred guide fins depicted here are not present in this iteration of the project, though go on to have profound impact on the next.


Mounted to a circular steel balustrade, there was significant confidence in attaining a secure fit. Enclosing the vertical rail on each side with ply vertical fins attached at three locations around the rail to ensure a secure fit and refined finish.

A creative expression by Ivan.